Make the impossible possible!

We were honored by the presence of Mr. Janis McDavid as an invited speaker on the 05th of January 2017 at the University of Kelaniya. In his speech titled “Make the impossible possible!” he shared his experiences, encouraging the audience to push the boundaries within which we operate. Janis began his speech with his dictum ‘I’m able to perform much better, if you don’t disable me’. Then, he went on to recount his own journey as a young boy with disabilities growing up in Germany leading to his current enrollment at university, noting pivotal moments in his life where he decided to ‘push boundaries’ and challenge ‘disabling environments’, both physical and attitudinal, working towards living his ‘best life’ of independence. His core message to all was “have courage to make the impossible possible”.

The event was organized jointly by the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Coordinating Centre for Students with Disabilities.

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