Our Vision

To become the center of excellence in enhancing knowledge, skills and attitudes of stakeholders of the Sri Lankan higher education sector by providing professional development opportunities and resources to meet the evolving needs of Sri Lankan higher education institutions.

Our Mission

To foster an academic and administrative environment that enhances individual and institutional capabilities of the staff within the higher education system in Sri Lanka.

Our Goals

  • To provide appropriate in-service training programmes in a. Staff Development b. Educational Technology and c. e-learning in order to enhance competencies of staff members in the areas of teaching, assessment, research, curriculum development, the use of information and communication technologies, administration and management.
  • To provide need-based in-service staff development programmes in educational theory and technology, research, and professionalism,
  • To engage in continuous improvement of human resource capacity of the higher education institutions.
  • To enhance allegiance, commitment and loyalty of the staff towards the higher education institutions.
  • To inculcate core competencies in knowledge, skills and attitudes among the staff of all categories to be professionals in their practice.