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The Centre for Asian Studies of the University of Kelaniya is a research forum for Asia related studies in Sri Lanka. It promotes wide variety of research scopes to investigate both past and present conditions of Asia mainly in view of understanding Sri Lanka's contribution to Asia and  vice versa. Research on Sri Lanka as a centre point of the East-West encounter will be pursued. Unique aspects of Sri Lankan identity in Asian and Global context will also be researched through the Centre. Among geographical regions, South Asia will be the major focus area of the Centre, whereas Southeast Asia, East Asia and West Asia will also be covered by some research programmes. The Centre welcomes other Institutes, scholars and Research Students interested in Asian Studies to join the Centre to initiate collaborative research projects. The Centre was initially established in 199and thereafter conducted some important programmes to uplift and popularize Asian Studies at the University. It was revived in 2008 as a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The current research agenda of the Centre is a recent adoption which is ambitiously formulated along with ten major research themes in view of future prospects.


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