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In order to carry out research activities on the themes adopted by the Centre, the following programmes have been recognized. The Centre looks forward to collaborations with other national and international institutes as well as individual scholars in the formulation of these programmes.

Conducting “ Hands on Heritage “ workshop series
Formulating Heritage Discussion groups
Publication of research journals
Writing text books, manuals and monographs
Arranging field studies and laboratory work
Facilitating exchange programs with foreign scholars and students
Preparing a digital database
Promoting awareness programs
Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage
Documenting vanishing heritages
Researching on cultural and natural heritages
Maintaining a Heritage Diary
Appreciating live heritages
Encouraging established scholarly associations
Incorporating special need persons to heritage sites
Attempting to identify the role of children in the past
Gender in heritage
Understanding heritage as Soft Power
Amalgamation of culture and nature in heritage

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