In order to carry out research activities on the themes adopted by the Centre, the following programmes have been recognized. The Centre looks forward to collaborations with other national and international institutes as well as individual scholars in the formulation of these programmes.

Formulating Heritage Discussion groups
Publication of research journals
Writing text books, manuals and monographs
Arranging field studies and laboratory work
Facilitating exchange programs with foreign scholars and students
Preparing a digital database
Promoting awareness programs
Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage
Documenting vanishing heritages
Researching on cultural and natural heritages
Maintaining a Heritage Diary
Appreciating live heritages
Encouraging established scholarly associations
Incorporating special need persons to heritage sites
Attempting to identify the role of children in the past
Gender in heritage
Understanding heritage as Soft Power
Amalgamation of culture and nature in heritage

Research Themes

The following ten themes have been identified as potential research pursuits by the Centre. It does not exclude other areas of Heritage research; hence some thoughtful suggestions are welcome in order to enhance the scope of the Centre. All research themes are considered equally important, but some areas might be given more priority due to certain logistical reasons.

  • Folk Archives: The Centre considered that the collection and study of folk archival materials such as old diaries, letters, manuscripts, bills, posters, drawings, maps , photographs and such items are very important aspect of the heritage of any nation
  • Poems, folk songs and vernacular languages: These are very important part of our heritage, yet to be well studied and preserved
  • Religious heritages: Buddhist studies will be given priority as the University has a great tradition in this regard. Other religious studies can also be incorporated
  • Live Heritage and Heritage families: Lives of Aristocrats, craftsmen, artists and families of long lineage are still in our society and we are interested to study of their genealogies and material heritages
  • Patriots and patriotic heritage: A study on National Heroes, places of freedom struggles and tangible and intangible heritage related to them would be one of our research interests
  • Maritime heritage and small islands: The coastal belt and islands belongs to Sri Lanka has to be studies as an integral part of the heritage of the mainland
  • Estate sector and migrant labours: This is one of the least studies aspect of our heritage
  • East- West encounter: Studies of the colonial past is one of the needs of the hour of our heritage studies
  • Household Archaeology: We will introduce and propagate this aspect of our heritage which is highly neglected in South Asian countries
  • Cemetery studies: Cemeteries are one of the neglected aspects of studies on the recent past. Therefore we encourage research on various aspects of cemeteries, especially burial grounds which have a long history and still in use

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