CGSUK Statement

We at the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) unconditionally condemn the brutal gang rape of the 23-year-old student, Nirbhaya, in Delhi last week. Our sincere condolences go to her family and her friends on the tragic occasion of her death.

We would like to add our voices to the millions of people outraged by this act of unimaginable brutality and to the peaceful yet unprecedented protests underway across the Indian subcontinent.

Together with the people of India, we would like to see a comprehensive change in the criminal justice system with more stringent laws for sexual and gender-based violence, the rigorous implementation of such laws, as well as strict measures to ensure that survivors are able to obtain justice without delays.

We expect this act of inhumanity against this student (as well as the violence perpetrated against her friend), and the mass response of people's protests to work as a turning point in societal attitudes and government standpoints towards violence against women in all South Asian states, including Sri Lanka.