Sale of Books by the Women’s Education and Research Centre (WERC)

25th of September 2013

The Corridor between the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Student Debate in Sinhala

Theme: Ragging is a Violation of Students' Rights

For Students

7th October 2013

2. 00 p.m. 4.00 p.m.

Hall- K2-003

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Kelaniya

The Annual Distinguished Oration in Sinhala by Dr. Subhangi Heath - University of Colombo

For Students and Staff

30th October 2013

2.00 p.m. 3.00 p.m.

University of Kelaniya

Conference Hall of the Faculty of Commerce and Management

Consultative Workshop (bilingual)

Sexual and Gender-based Violence

(Exploring the phenomenon/practice from legal, medical, psychological, sociological, the media and masculinist perspectives)

In collaboration with the Staff Development Unit

For Staff members

6th November 2013

Staff Development Unit Auditorium

University of Kelaniya

Trilingual Poetry Slam And

The Launch of “Pulse” - A Trilingual Poetry Collection

And aPamphlet on "Sexual Rights" (in Sinhala and Tamil)

In association with the Department of English and the Centre for Asian Studies) For Students and Staff

November 2013

University of Kelaniya

Under the Banyan Tree (Opposite the CGSUK)

Training of Trainers Workshop on

“Workshop Facilitation”

1/2 day training conducted by Professor Maithree Wickramasinghe

For a Maximum of 30 Staff Members

December 2013

University of Kelaniya


"Theory Oval-table I"

Forum on Gender Theoretical Frameworks

For a Maximum of 15 Staff Members


December 2013

University of Kelaniya

Centre for Gender Studies

Presentation of Findings of the Research Project

Gender Dimensions of the University of Kelaniya (PhaseI)

For Staff

January 2014

University of Kelaniya