The goal of CGSUK is to promote gender equity and equality (especially within Sri Lankan universities).

Gender equality is the notion that there should be equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for women and men (and girls and boys). Equality does not mean that women and men should be the same; but that rights, responsibilities and opportunities should not depend on whether people are born male or female.

Gender equity is the notion that the specific interests, needs and priorities of both women and men should be taken into consideration. Equity recognizes that men and women have differing interests, needs and priorities depending on their biological sex and their gendered life experiences. Furthermore, different groups of women and men prioritize different issues from one another.

CGSUK is founded on the simultaneous conceptualization of gender equity / equality. This means that both the similarities of men’s and women’s life experiences as well as the differences in their life experiences are taken into account in conceptualizations and discussions about gender.

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