51st TOPIK application

The 51th TOPIK for 2017 will be administered as follows. All overseas Koreans and foreigners who are studying Korean language or preparing to study in Korea are encouraged to take this test. 
ㅇApplicants : Overseas Koreans, Foreigners 
ㅇ Testing Date : Sunday, March 19, 2017 
- TOPIKⅠ 09:00 - 11:20 
- TOPIKⅡ 12:00 - 14:40 (Listening, Writing) / 15:00 – 16:20 (Reading) 
ㅇ Testing Location : University of Kelaniya 
ㅇ Registration 
- 28th December 2016 to 6th January 2017 
(excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays) 
- Embassy of the Republic of Korea 
(located No.98 DharmapalaMawatha, Colombo 7) 
ㅇ Testing Fee : 1,500 Rupees (cash payment on registration) 
ㅇ Notification of Test Result : 20th April, 2017 
- Test Result will be posted to the address in the application 
- Applicants may also check the test result through the TOPIK website (
ㅇ Contact : Embassy of the Republic of Korea (TEL. 011-269-9036~8) 
※ For more details on TOPIK, please visit the TOPIK website. 

TOPIK Application

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