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Confucius Institute at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka was founded in 2007. Since September 2011, it has cooperated with Chongqing Normal University in China. At present, there are 220 square meters for class room and office. The Chinese book collection is nearly 20,000 volumes. Confucius institute is cooperating with the Chinese Studies Unit, Department of Modern Languages of University of Kelaniya. Confucius Institute of University of Kelaniya has being conducting Chinese Degree program and short term Chinese courses for both Chinese major students and Non-Chinese major students. In addition, Confucius Institute is working under the cooperation with the Embassy of China in Sri Lanka as well as National Youth Centre and other institutes. Respectively we started teaching activities in different places in Sri Lanka and also has opened interest-oriented classes in well-known colleges in Colombo. Furthermore, Adult certificate courses are provided by Confucius Institute on weekends, in Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level Chinese including business, tourism, hotel management. In the end of 2016, Total number of Degree program students reached 1,576 and total number students of certificate courses conducted by Confucius Institute is 12,500 and already served total number of 30,000 students including amount of 16,900 Collage students. Until now more than 2,000 people participates HSK and HSKK. Confucius Institute also conducted local Chinese teacher training programs and teaching materials training 7 times, also recommended 243 Sri Lankan students to obtain various types of scholarships from Chinese government, organized summer camp program and other various activities. According to statistics, it has carried out more than hundred various cultural activities with the participation of ten thousand local people.

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