Bio Gas production

With the rapid growth of population and the relatively high consumption in the world, natural resources are being degrading at a higher rate. As fossil fuels are a limited resource, the solution is to find out the renewable energy options. Water base electricity production also becoming problematic due to the climatic changes all over the world including Sri Lanka also. It is a need of time to limit our carbon-dioxide emissions, in order to put an end to the climate changes which has become an important issue for many years.

We need energy that is carbon-dioxide-neutral, flexible and compatible with the environment. A form of energy that can be produced in an environmental friendly manner and can be used for heating, as a fuel for vehicles as well as in industrial processes is called biogas. Therefore, Green Practices Committee in the University of Kelaniya has inaugurated a bio gas production in order to address the energy problems arising in the university.

There are two bio gas units in the University. bio gas unit I is at the Faculty of Medicine (Volume – 5000 L) which is used in the faculty canteen for preparing food and bio gas unit II is at the Base canteen (Volume – 500 L) which was established and carrying out by the department of Zoology and Environmental Management as a pilot project.

Biogas Production of the faculty of medicine: Currently there are two operational biogas production units with unit capacity of 5000 L at the faculty of medicine. This unit was first established in 23-05-2011.

  • Input: Kitchen waste 30 kg per day, 100 L water per day
  • Output: 2 kg biogas per day, 100 L liquid compost per day
  • Man power: 1.2 hour per day

Bio gas unit at the Faculty of Medicine


Bio gas unit at the Faculty of Medicine

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