Introduction of water saving strategies to University Hostels

Per capita water consumption and water usage pattern of  of students who received accommodation facilities in the Yakkaduwe Pannarama Boys Hostel (YPBH) was studied in the year 2017. The water usage by 320 students within a year was 14014 m3 and the student’s per capita consumption of water was 43.8 m3. More than 65% of water was used during bathing while 28% was used in washing purposes. Introduction of basins to wash linen, repairing of leaky taps, installation of water flow rate control devices, harvesting of rain water, reuse of water treated in the sewage treatment plant for gardening purposes and conducting awareness programmes on water conservation for students were suggested as the strategies to reduce water wastage in the University hostels. CSS expects to implement these suggested strategies to reduce water wastage in the university hostels in 2018.