Rain water harvesting in the University of Kelaniya

Rain water harvesting is the method of using rain water for a useful work of our daily life. It includes, collecting and storing of rain water from rooftops using simple techniques such as tubs or tanks or more complex techniques such as underground check dams. University of Kelaniya also planning to introduce a rain water harvesting system to minimize the water wastage within the university and to get maximum use of rain water. Rain water collected in tanks will be used for composting gardening purposes. 

Rain Water Harvesting system was implemented in July 28th, 2015. Number of placed tanks were 06. Volume of a Tank – 10 000 L. Total Capacity/ Volume is 60, 000 L.

From the date of commence (2017 July) up to date of 2017 November about 945,000 L rain water has been saved. Average Collection per day (Rainy season) = 750 L/day. Collecting Water is being use for, Compost Yard, Plant Nursery, Gardening and cleaning of equipment used by Landscape division.