Reduction of Energy Usage in the University premises

Energy conservation is very important as an organization, as a country or as a whole world. It reduces the cost of living, reduces the consumption of resources, conserve energy sources for future generation and protect the environment.

Conservation of energy on the other hand a social responsibility. Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy. Therefore University of Kelaniya has inaugurated an energy management progrmme with a view to reduce energy waste and to reduce energy consumption.

As an initial step, an energy audit was conducted in 2014/2015 to monitor and evaluate the current energy consumption of the University. University meets its energy requirements mainly through grid electricity and diesel. The  average  monthly  electrical  energy  consumption  is  in  the  range  of  230,500kWh and the present average monthly maximum demand is in the range of 1,170 kVA. The average  monthly diesel  consumption  for  generators  is  in  the  range  of  1500L.  Hence, the university incurs nearly LKR 4.74 Million monthly for its energy requirements, at the existing electricity tariff and diesel price.