Solid Waste Separation and Storage

Green Practices committee initiated a solid waste management programme in 2014. The solid waste management programme includes,

  • Waste separation
  • Waste Collection
  • Direction of recyclable waste for approved waste recyclers

More than 250 bins with standard colour codes (Green for organic wastes, blue for paper, orange for polythene, red for glass) for different waste types are placed in the university premises for waste collection.

Collected waste is stored in two storages. Storage I is positioned adjacent to the vehicle park at the Faculty of Science. Storage II is a used container (20 x 8 feet) that was converted into a solid waste storage. Container storage is placed at the backyard of Bandaranayake Girl’s Hostel. Waste paper, plastic, polythene, glass and metal are separately stored in these storages until they are transported to recyclers.

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