A sprinkler system to reduce water waste

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce natural resource, and it should be used as efficiently as possible. University of Kelaniya introduced a sprinkler irrigation system on the 05th January, 2018 to its plant nursery at the Landscape Division. The main purpose of this introduction is to overcome the problem of excessive usage of water in manual watering activities. The sprinkler irrigation system is a crop irrigation method similar to rainfall. The system distributes water over the plant surface by spraying it into the air and allowing it to fall on the plants and soil. The amount of water spraying through the small nozzles on the lateral pipe can be controlled and the water flow rate is adjusted according to plant needs. The introduction of a sprinkler system enables to apply water uniformly by broadcasting in well-defined patterns. Moreover, the amount of water provided to water loving plants and drought tolerant plants can now be controlled precisely which will further reduce water requirements of the plant nursery.