Environmental Sustainability extension ” I go Green 2018 ” is on 19th December

Invited discussion were held at Chanel Eye tv programme ” Rise & Shine” by Dr. Rangika Bandara and Dr. Wasantha Subasinghe, members of the CSS team in University of Kelaniya, about the initiatives taken by the Centre for Sustainability Solutions, University of Kelaniya. Discussion was basically held to clarify the miscommunication on “Green Concept” by the general public and how the University of Kelaniya proceed with the concept. Apart, Centre for Sustainability Solutions next upcoming event “I Go Green, 2018” which is scheduled to be held on 19th December, 2018 was further discussed. For I Go Green 2018, around 300 students of staff members of University of Kelaniya from Grade 1 to Grade 13 is expected.