Fauna & Flora in UOK

Fauna in University Premises





 Flora in University Premises

The Herbal Garden

The Fruit Garden





Pigeons and doves 


Bushchat and Robins


Cuckoos and coucals



Pitta, Orioles, crows and tit

 Woodshrike, Shrikes and drongos

Swift, Treeswift and swallows

Owls and Night jars 

Kingfishers and Bee-eaters

Sparrow, Weavers and Munias

White-Eyes, Flowpeckers and sunbirds


Thrushes and Pitta

Wood swallow, Ioras, Cuckooshrikes and Minivets

Oystercatcher,Crab plover,Stilts,Avocet and Plovers

Tailorbird,Cisticola and Prinias


Nuthatche,Mynas and Starlings

Nuthatche,Mynas and Starlings

Larks,Wagtails and Pipits

Herons and Egrets


Family : Papilionidae

Family : Lycaenidae

Family : Nymphalidae


Family : Pieridae


Family : Hesperiidae



Family : Bufonidae

Family : Dicroglossidae

Family Rachophoridae




Monitor lizards

Garden Lizards



The Herbal Garden

Usual name: Nika

Scientific Name: Vitex negundo

English Name: Chinese chaste tree

Usual name: Kalu Nika

Scientific Name: Litsea iteodaphne


Usual name: Thimbiri

Scientific Name: Diospyros malabarica

English Name: Gaub

Usual name: Bulu

Scientific Name: Terminalia bellirica

English Name: Baheda

Usual name: Ranawara

Scientific Name: Cassia auriculata

English Name: Mature tea tree

Usual name: Geta Thumba

Scientific Name: Leucas zeylanica

English Name: Thumbe

Usual name: Pavatta

Scientific Name: Pavetta indica

English Name: Indian pavetta

Usual name: Katu karandu

Scientific Name: Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora


Usual name: Andu

Scientific Name: Eryngium foetidum

English Name: Long coriander

Usual name: Thippili

Scientific Name: Piper longum

English Name: Long pepper


Usual name: Marthondi

Scientific Name: Lawsonia inermis

English Name: Henna


Usual name: Munamal

Scientific Name: Mimusops elengi

English Name: Bullet-woodtree


Usual name: Rath Handun

Scientific Name: Pterocarpus santalinus

English Name: Red sandal wood

Usual name: Kiri Palu

Scientific Name: Buchanania axillaris

Usual name: Kaha

Scientific Name: Curcuma longa

English Name: Turmeric

Usual name: Savendara

Scientific Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

English Name: Khas-khas

Usual name: Akkapana

Scientific Name: Kalanchoe laciniata

English Name: Cathedral bells


Usual name: Mee

Scientific Name: Madhuca longifolia

English Name: South Indian mahua


Usual name: Dodanpana

Scientific Name: Glycosmis pentaphylla


Usual name: Burulla

Scientific Name: Leea indica

English Name: Bandicoot berry

Usual name: Embilla

Scientific Name: Antidesma alexiteria


Usual name: Ankenda

Scientific Name: Acronychia pedunculata

English Name: Claw flowered laure

Usual name: Iramusu

Scientific Name: Hemidesmus indicus

English Name: Indian sarsaparilla


Usual name: Etteriya



The Fruit Garden


 In order to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the University of Kelaniya, the Herbal and Fruit gardens were established on 17th June 2009. The fruit and herbal gardens are an open area for all the staff and the students where they could enjoy delicious fruits while spending leisure time under the cool shades of trees. The Rambutan Garden with 30 plants of different Rambutan varieties was established to celebrate 54th Anniversary of the University. Some of the fruit species of the garden includes;

Usual Name: Mango

Scientific Name: Mangifera indica

Usual Name: Banana

Scientific Name: Musa acuminate

Usual Name: Rambutan

Scientific Name: Nephelium lappaceum var. lappaceum


Usual Name: Water apple

Scientific Name: Syzygium aqueum


Usual Name: Rata nelli

Scientific Name: Phyllanthus acidus


Usual Name: Beheth nelli

Scientific Name: Phyllanthus emblica


Usual Name: Avocado

Scientific Name: Persea americana

Usual Name: Pomegranate

Scientific Name: Punica granatum

Usual Name: Guava  

Scientific Name: Psidium guajava

Usual Name: Custard Apple

Scientific Name: Annona muricata

Usual Name: Weralu

Scientific Name: Elaeocarpus serratus


Usual Name: Nil Weralu                                          

Scientific Name: 

Usual Name: Jew plum

Scientific Name: Spondias dulcis

Usual Name: Nam nam / Naminan

Scientific Name: Cynometra cauliflora

Usual Name: Calamondin

Scientific Name: Citrofortunella mitis

Usual Name: Bread fruit

Scientific Name: Artocarpus incises

Usual Name: Governor´s plum

Scientific Name: Flacourtia indica


Usual Name: Black plum

Scientific Name: Syzygium cumini


Usual Name: Star fruit

Scientific Name: Averrhoa carambola

Usual Name: Bael fruit

Scientific Name: Aegle marmelos

Usual Name: Netted Custard Apple                   

Scientific Name: Annona reticulate

Usual Name: Velvet Apple

Scientific Name: Diospyros blancoi