Foreign Travel Grants

The University will provide funding to the members of the academic staff to present their papers at international research symposia relevant to their field of study. When there are several co-authors, only one grant will be made.

The applicants should have Google Scholar and ResearchGate profiles which have been made public.

The travel grants will cover the registration fee, economy class airfare, Visa fee and a living stipend subject to a maximum of Rs. 300,000.00.

A short report and statement of accounts should be submitted within two weeks from returning to Sri Lanka. Further, the grantees should make a presentation at the Faculty Board on the research he/she has presented at the international symposium for which the travel grant was provided.

Under this scheme, preference will be given to young academics (<40 years of age) and those who are in the early career of research and do not get opportunities to attend international research symposia.

The awardees are not eligible to apply for another travel grant until at least two years have lapsed from the date of first award.

The requests for funding should be submitted to the Chairman of the Research Council through Head of the Department and Dean of the Faculty with all relevant information.

 Guidlines for the Award of International Travel Grants

Application for Foreign Travel Grants

Report on Foreign Visit