Members of the Research Council



  sunil chandra              Prof. N.P. Sunil Chandra - Cadre Chair and Senior Professor of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine – Chairman
 Professor Ariyarathna Jayamaha  Prof. Ariyarathna Jayamaha - Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
 W.M.T.B.wanninayake  Prof. W.M.T.B.Wanninayake – Council Nominee
 Prof. S.R.D. Kalingamudali  Prof. S.R.D. Kalingamudali – Professor in Physics - VC’s nominee
Prof. M.K. Wickramasinghe Prof. M.K. Wickramasinghe - Professor in English - VC’s nominee
Prof. R.P.C. Ranjani-001 Prof. R.P.C. Ranjani - Professor in Finance - VC’s nominee
 dr-bandara-001 Dr. W.M.C.B.Wanninayake - Senate Nominee.

Dr. Anuradhani Kasturirathne

Director / RC- Medicine

Dr. Samanthi Jayawardena

Director / RC Humanities
Dr. Mrs D.S.M. De Silva Dr. D.S.M. de Silva - Senior Lecturer in Chemistry - Director of the Research Services Centre, Faculty of Science 
s200 sriyantha.fernando Dr. G. W. J. S. Fernando - Senior Lecturer (Grade I) - Director of the Centre for Management Research, Faculty of Commerce and Management
Dr. M.G. Kularatna Dr. M.G. Kularatna - Senior Lecturer in Economics - Coordinator of the Research Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara – Director / RC Computing & Technology
Dr. K.G.H.D. Weerasinghe Dr. K.G.H.D. Weerasinghe - Senior Lecturer in Computer Science - Director of the ICT Centre – Invited member - University Web Master
Mrs. C.M. Abeygunasekara Mrs. C.M. Abeygunasekara - Senior Assistant Librarian I, Faculty of Medicine – Invited Member
Ms. D. S.Priyangika Ms. D.S. Priyangika - Senior Assistant Librarian II – Invited Member
 Arjun De Silva Mr. Arjun De Silva (Invitee)
 Shamika hapuhinna Ms. H.K.D.W.M.S.K. Hapuhinna - Senior Assistant Registrar, Research & Publications Division - Secretary of the Research Council

Former Members of the Research Council