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Strengthening Research Project

  •  The applications should be prepared according to the format given below.

Application Format


  • The grantee should submit half yearly progress reports.

Half yearly report



 Researcher Information


Applicant Name Grant Number Research Project Name Research Duration
Dr. Y.S. Wijesingha RP/03/SR/04/02/01/2016

Production of Recombinant peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma
( P pary) for anti – diabetic drug discovery research

02 Years
Dr. K.A.D.C.Gunasekara RP/03/SR/04/02/02/2016 Association between the severity of adult dengue infections with secondary exposure in two selected government hospitals 02 Years
Prof. T.G.A.N. Chandrasena RP/03/SR/04/06/01/2016 A Study to determine the presence of zoonotic Brugia Malayi in humans, cats and dogs in selected areas of Gampaha district, Sri Lanka 02 Years
Prof. W.R.P.L.I. Wijesooriya RP/03/SR/04/05/03/2016 Role of Mycoplasma pneumonia in Asthma Exacerbations in Previously Diagnosed Patients with Childhood Asthma in Sri Lanka 02 Years
Prof. W.R.P.L.I. Wijesooriya RP/03/SR/04/05/04/2016 Study on Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase  (EBSL ) and Carbapenemase producing organisms in Gampaha District 02 Years
Dr. Menaka Hapugoda RP/03/SR/04/16/01/2016 Enhancement of early, rapid and definitive diagnosis of leptospirosis together with quantification and typing of serovars to improve livelihoods 02 Years
Dr. P.M.T.B. Wickramasinghe RP/03/SR/04/02/03/2016 Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of Clozapine using HPLC in Sri Lanka in Patients with Schizophrenia 02 Years
Dr. N. Jayathilake RP/03/SR/02/06/02/2016 Detection of early molecular markers of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in resource limited settings. 03 Years
Dr. M.A.Y.L.Nadeesha RP/03/SR/02/06/01/2016 Systematic study of chemical factors and their impacts on the progression of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka 03 Years
Dr. Thashika Rupasingha RP/03/SR/02/02/01/2016 Network and Transportation Optimization Models to Enhance Performance of Retail Distribution Supply Chains. 02 Years
Dr. Gamini Wijerathna RP/03/SR/06/01/01/2016 An Investigation of Effectiveness of different Form of Interactive Multimedia in Teaching and Learning for Educational Sector in Sri Lanka. 02 Years
Dr. K.DA.D.M.S. Gunathilaka RP/03/SR/03/01/01/2016 Research project on rescue archaeological process of clay cist burial site at Devolapola. 02 Years
Dr. A.H.M.H. Abeyrathna RP/03/SR/03/04/01/2016 Preservation and Digitizing of Palm Leaf Manuscripts in the Temples of Kurunegela District. 1 .5 Years
Prof. N.P. Sunil-Chandra RP/03/SR/04/05/01/2016 A Study on the Association of Hantavirus infection and leptospirosis with Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Etiology (CKDu) among patients in Sri Lanka 1.3 Year
Prof. N.P. Sunil-Chandra RP/03/SR/04/05/02/2016 Hospital Based Survey on seroprevalence of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in selected target populations in Sri Lanka 03 Year