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Prizes for publishing in high impact journals

Cash prizes will be awarded to the members of the staff who have published research papers in high impact journals listed in any of the following citation indices.

• Arts and Humanities Citation Index
• Science Citation Index
• Social Science Citation Index

If there are several co-authors, prize will be distributed equally among them. The co-authors outside the University will not be awarded the prize money.

In order to qualify for the award, the University address should appear below the names of the authors. In addition, the applicants should have Google Scholar and ResearchGate profiles which have been made public.

The members of the staff who have published research papers in the journals listed in the above citation indices and those who have won Presidential Awards for research publications should submit an application providing details of such publications to the Chairman of the Research Council. If there is more than one research paper, separate applications for each should be provided.

One paper would be considered for only one prize.

Guidlines for Awarding these Cash Prizes

Application for Cash Prizes for Research Publications