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Senate Awards - February 2016

Another session of the distribution of Senate Awards and monetary prizes to appreciate the researches in the University of Kelaniya was held on the 25th February 2016 at the Senate Hall.

The Researchers who published their latest research papers in Internationally recognized Research manuscripts during the years 2014 – 2015 and the researchers who are Presidential Award winners were appreciated with awards and monetary prizes. The Vice-Chancellor stated that these awards and monetary prizes will be awarded in the year 2016 as well in on order to encourage the researchers. The President of the Research Council, Prof. M. J. S Wijerathne stated that the cooperation of researchers was a reason for the University of Kelaniya to be ranked amidst the 3000 Best Universities in the world. According to the World University Rankings, the position of the University of Kelaniya has increased to 2815 at present. In the beginning of 2014 it was in the 4250th position. Deans of all the Faculties, Award winning Doctors and Professors and Lecturers participated in this event.

Dr. A.L. Karunanayake, P. Shiromi Perera, Dr. Meneka Hapugoda, Dr. D. S.G Meththananda, Prof. N.M Devanarayana, Prof. N.K Gunewardena, Prof. B.A.H.R Premarathne, Prof. A.P de Silva, Dr. S. F. Jayamanna, Dr. U.K Ranawaka, Dr. K.V.K Perera of the Faculty of Medicine and Prof. D.H.R.C Vidyalankara of the Faculty of Humanities received awards at this ceremony.