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 Senate Awards - March 2016

Yet another round of Senate Awards and cash prizes to appreciate researchers were presented on 23 March 2016 at the Senate meeting.
Research which had been published internationally in the years 2014/2015 and those who were recognized by Presidential Awards were awarded the Senate Awards and cash prizes. The event was witnessed by all the Deans, professors, Heads of Departments, academic members and invitees.
Prof. YIN Silva Gunewardena, Dr. M. Chandrathilake, Dr. Sharman Rajindrajith, Dr. CD Ranasinghe, Dr. Dileepa Gunasekara and Prof. BAHR Premarathne of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. RK Shriyani Dias, Prof. US Amerasinghe, Prof. WU Chandrasekera, Dr. KMDC Jayathileke of the Faculty of Science, Dr. KAS Dhammika, Mr. HMRSS Gunewardena of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Mr. BN Nishantha of the Faculty of Social Sciences were the Senate awardees.