The Research Council was established in May 2014 with the aim of promoting innovation and excellence in research in the University of Kelaniya. The activities of the Research Council are aimed at encouraging the staff at various stages of their career and disseminating research findings both locally and globally.

The Research Council is the policy making and guiding body for research at the University.


The Mission of the Research Council of the University of Kelaniya is to promote excellence in research to make a significant contribution towards knowledge enhancement and national development for the wellbeing of the mankind through fostering knowledge-based society with better understanding of the environment and conservation of nature for sustainability of economic growth.

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Wall of Fame (Top Researchers 2016/2017)

H.J.De Silva  Ananda Rajitha Wickremasinghe  N.R.De Silva  Anuradhani Kasturiratne
Hjde Prof AR wickremasinghe  NRdeS  Anu 

Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 8355

h-index : 43

i10-index : 124

Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 6473

h-index : 37

i10-index : 92

Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 5854

h-index : 28

i10-index : 53

Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 6473

h-index : 19

i10-index : 24




A Pathmeswaran  Ranjan Premaratna  Arjuna P de Silva  U.S.Amarasinghe 
pathmeswaran3   Ranjan Premaratna arjunpsilva  usa 

Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 2163

h-index : 18

i10-index : 38

Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 1948

h-index : 16

i10-index : 28


Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 1782

h-index : 14

i10-index : 18


Faculty of Science

Citations : 1764

h-index : 23

i10-index : 49






Shaman Rajindrajith 









Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 1658

h-index : 25

i10-index : 39


Faculty of Medicine

Citations : 1594

h-index : 12

i10-index : 13




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