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As found out that there is a necessity to mold young personnel in order to achieve own success and betterment of the society, we wanted to carry out a fruitful outcome. It named as LED giving the meaning of Leadership-Empowerment-Development. LED club is a national organization recently started in university of Kelaniya along with university of Moratuwa. The members of LED represent a combination of all faculties as Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Science and Social Sciences. LED has a flat hierarchy. And it allows achieve the same level of experience for all members. Whether it’s Organizing Development, Business Development group, Human Resources, Branding all get same exposure. It leads members to be filled with every kind of task when engaging in LED activities.LED mainly focuses on development of undergraduates. After 3 or 4 years of their university life they have to be societal to be retained in the corporate sector. There is a gap between academic leavers and corporate expectations. Undergraduates are failed to fulfill the expectations and it leads to work in an uninterested area with pressure or unemployment. 
When it happens the years they spent in education become useless. So it is crucial to provide a proper leadership skill, empower and make a development within them. Enriching them with soft skills and experiences would help to create a bridge to erase the gap towards better corporate personnel.

To achieve those we have settled our objectives such as,
• Social Development to shape/craft Sri Lankan undergraduates and school students to lead their individual potential to empower and develop the society around them.
• Personal Development to improve the soft skills of the members which directs them towards their passionate career successfully.
• Transformation to transform the members into situational personalities, by creating awareness of business etiquettes among them.
• Member Welfare to link undergraduates with the relevant industries in order to carry out their researches in adherence with their curriculum and scope.
• Industry Related Programs to create a platform for the undergraduates to involve on-hand training in the LED.
• Training Programs professional training programs and industrial awareness programs to uplift members.
• Creating Career Opportunities assist in development of novel/new career opportunities for the members including school students and undergraduates.

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