Student Assistantship Scheme (SAS) CGU/UOK



The Career Guidance Unit has launched a new Student Assistantship Scheme (SAS) to assist undergraduate students to work, earn and study at the same time.

Who is a student assistant?

A student assistant is a position available on campus. The position is part-time and enables an undergraduate to work, earn and study at the same time.

Who can be a student assistant?

Any undergraduate student registered at the University of Kelaniya is eligible to apply.

What is the duration of a student assistantship?

Student assistantships are made for one semester (15 weeks) at a time, and can be extended based on the availability of placements, and the students past performance in the role


The objectives of the scheme are:

  1. To provide undergraduates an opportunity to work and earn on campus
  2. To assist undergraduates in obtaining work experience
  3. To develop skills essential in the world of work


All internal undergraduate students with current active registration in the University of Kelaniya are eligible to apply for a student assistantship.


For enquiries

Please email your applications to



Template for identification of available placements for Student Assistantships

  1. Name of Department of Study / Unit / Centre / Administrative Division
  2. Proposed job designation (refer to list provided in 4 c above)
  3. Brief description of expected role (not more than 200 words)
  4. Any specific details of required skills / competencies
  5. Number of hours of service required per week (max 5 h)
  6. Expected place of work (physical venue / online)
  7. Proposed period of placement (start date, end date)
  8. Name of direct supervisor in Dept / Unit / Centre / Division and contact information


 **Letter of request should be signed by the Head of Dept / Unit / Division or Director / Centre and sent to Director / CGU through Dean or VC


Template for application by students 

  1. Full name of student
  2. NIC number
  3. Student Registration number
  4. Registered Faculty
  5. Registered degree programme
  6. Current year of study
  7. Name of placement for which application is submitted
  8. Skills / competencies that match the requirements of the placement
  9. Contact information
    1. Mobile phone number
    2. Email address (should be
    3. Place of residence
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