Our Team

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Dr. Rangika Bandara
Dr. Rangika Bandara Director CSSrangika@kln.ac.lk
Department of Zoology and Environmental Management,
Faculty of Science
Dr. C.W. Subasinghe
Dr. C.W. SubasingheDeputy Director CSS cwsubasinghe@kln.ac.lk
Department of Bio-Chemistry & Clinical Chemistry,
Faculty of Medicine
    Prof. U.P.K. Epa
Prof. U.P.K. Epa Member CSS epa@kln.ac.lk
Department of Zoology and Environmental Mgt.
Faculty of Science
Dr. P.N.D. Fernando
Dr. P.N.D. Fernando Member CSS pndfernando@kln.ac.lk
The Head, Department of Finance
   Mr. C.A.N.W.K. Jayatissa
Mr. C.A.N.W.K. Jayatissa Member CSS jayatissa@kln.ac.lk
Department of physics,
Faculty of Science
    Dr. Dilrukshi Ratnayaka
Dr. Dilrukshi Ratnayaka Member CSS rathnayakedn@yahoo.co.jp
Department of Modern Language,
Faculty of Humanities
    Dr. D.S.M. De Silva
Dr. D.S.M. De Silva Member CSS sujeewa@kln.ac.lk
Department of Chemistry,
Faculty of Science
   Mr. S. Udiatha Bandara
Mr. S. Udiatha Bandara Member CSS saumya.uditha@kln.ac.lk
Department of Marketing Management
   Mr. N.M. Aruna Shantha
Mr. N.M. Aruna Shantha Member CSS curator@kln.ac.lk
Senior Assistant Registrar Curator – Landscape
   Mr. B. K. H. Dulip Anuranga
Mr. B. K. H. Dulip Anuranga Member CSS bkhdanuranga123@gmail.com
Department of Commerce and Financial Management
   Ms. Sanduni Rasanjali
Ms. Sanduni Rasanjali Project Associate CSSrasanjali.sanduni@gmail.com
Mr. R.P.K.C. Rajapakse
Mr. R.P.K.C. Rajapakse Technical Assistantkrishan300@gmail.com