Centre of Excellence for Strategic Brand Identity Development

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What is CESBID?

University of Kelaniya (UoK) has been positioned as one of the leading knowledge hubs in the country in working its way through the vision – “Creation and dissemination of knowledge for sustainable development”. UoK’s presence in the Sri Lankan state education is unique for many reasons including its attributes related to cultural, professional, and multi-disciplinary nature in creating graduates who are capable of facing the dynamic challenges while productively contributing to the nation’s wealth creation. In this endeavor, the sub-systems within the UoK need to be strategically bonded with the stakeholders in creating a unique value proposition and hence, draw a sustainable roadmap in creating a strategic brand identity. The Centre of Excellence for Strategic Brand Identity Development (CESBID) is established to achieve the aforementioned broad objectives and ultimately drive UoK in achieving its vision by embracing its brand identity.

Proposal Submission and Evaluation

The Centre of Excellence for Strategic Brand Identity Development (CESBID) advises the proposal writing teams on the following aspects.

Brand Identity Positioning

Brand Identity positioning through identification of the requirements of the strategic stakeholder group.

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Brand Identity Execution

Brand Identity Execution plan highlighting how the strategic partnerships are established with relevant stakeholders.

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Brand Identity Tracking

Brand Identity tracking and project success tracking mechanism with relevant KPIs.

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Brand Identity Positioning

1. Evaluate the relevant department’s academic programs/ research initiatives/ corporate consultancies related expectations in the minds of its key stakeholders
2. Align project strategies with the department’s and overall UoK’s strategic plan

Brand Identity Execution

1. Identify the activity content, expected main outcomes with respect to the sub-categories mentioned (TD/ SI/ IC or OA)
2. Develop the execution plan highlighting the major milestones, and budgetary requirements

Brand Identity Tracking

1. Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the identified project milestones
2. Perpetration of half-yearly progress review reports and final project reports and deliverables on-time
3. Develop sustainable work-plan to yield the benefits of the proposed outcomes through attainable goal setting

Activities proposed by CESBID

The Centre of Excellence for Strategic Brand Identity Development (CESBID) undertakes the following tasks.

Strategic policy development related to stakeholder value creation and brand identity development

1. Facilitate internal stakeholders to build sustainable strategic relationships with key external stakeholders
2. Create a community to be ambassadors of UoK’s strategic brand identity and share best practices within the internal and external stakeholders

Project Proposal development, evaluation, and deployment

1. Provide consultation on the development of project proposals for strategic value creation targeting the intended stakeholders
2. Review the proposals submitted and deployment of the relevant funds (LKR 500,000 per annum per department for an approved project proposal)
3. Monitoring progress of the projects and maintaining the e-repository of the project portfolios

Establishment of funding sources

1. Facilitate external funding through national and corporate agencies
2. Build strategic relationships to strengthen the bonds among the university, government, and corporate triangle
3. Promote and facilitate internal stakeholders to implement financially sustainable projects to generate additional funding opportunities

CESBID Members

Dr. Thashika Rupasinghe

Director - CESBID

A representative from each faculty is appointed to serve the proposal evaluation committee to assist the director in screening the initial proposals and awarding the requested grants. Students who are interested on working hand-in-hand with CESBID are encouraged to sign-up for relevant projects and project tasks as volunteers.

Proposal Review Committee
Dr. Bandara Wanninayake

Director - Staff Development Centre

Dr. Ajantha Samarakoon

Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies

Dr. Pradeep Samarasekara

Faculty of Computing and Technology

Mr. Upul Ranepura

Faculty of Humanities

Prof. Shehan Williams

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Aruna Wanninayake

Faculty of Science

Mr. Aruna Lokuliyana

Faculty of Social Sciences