Research Council Members

Prof. N.P. Sunil Chandra

Cadre Chair and Senior Professor of Medical Microbiology,
Faculty of Medicine
Chairman Research Council

Ms. H.K.D.W.M.S.K. Hapuhinna

Senior Assistant Registrar, Research & Publications Division
Secretary of the Research Council

Prof. Ariyarathna Jayamaha

Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Prof. W.M.T.B.Wanninayake

Council Nominee

Prof. S.R.D. Kalingamudali

Professor in Physics - VC’s nominee

Prof. M.K. Wickramasinghe

Professor in English - VC’s nominee

Prof. R.P.C. Ranjani

Professor in Finance - VC’s nominee

Dr. W.M.C.B.Wanninayake

Senate Nominee

Prof. N. M. Devanarayana

Director / RC- Medicine

Ms. R. K. M. C. Ranaweera

Director / RC Humanities

Dr. D.S.M. de Silva

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Director of the Research Services Centre, Faculty of Science

Dr. G. W. J. S. Fernando

Senior Lecturer (Grade I)
Director of the Centre for Management Research, Faculty of Commerce and Management

Dr. M.G. Kularatna

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Coordinator of the Research Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara

Director / RC Computing & Technology

Dr. K.G.H.D. Weerasinghe

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Director of the ICT Centre – Invited member - University Web Master

Mrs. C.M. Abeygunasekara

Senior Assistant Librarian I
Faculty of Medicine – Invited Member

Ms. D.S. Priyangika

Senior Assistant Librarian II
Invited Member

Former Members of the Research Council