About UHSS

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for students, staff, and visitors is considered a priority of the University of Kelaniya. As a university adhered to strict green concepts, it is essential to encourage and support all the stakeholders of the University towards sustainable development with the best environmental practices and approaches. University Health and Safety Services (UHSS) is the center dedicated to overseeing the chemical handling, occupational safety, laboratory waste management, and fire safety program for the University of Kelaniya. 



  • Provide technical advice to the Vice-Chancellor when needed, with regard to chemical handling, occupational safety, laboratory waste management, and fire safety. 
  • Design and implement procedures for disposal of chemical and biohazardous waste. 
  • Arrange and coordinate chemical waste and incinerable materials disposal with external parties. 
  • Maintain up-to-date University-wide chemical inventory. 
  • Develop, coordinate and conduct Laboratory Health and Safety (LHS) training and fire safety training programs. 
  • Conduct announced/ unannounced inspections to assure that University policies and guidelines on proper chemical handling are followed by relevant employees and students. 
  • Preparation, submission, and maintenance of relevant records, reports and manifests as required by Sri Lankan government regulations. 
  • Monitoring and reviewing of chemical handling and disposal procedures in a timely manner to comply with national and international regulations.


The UHSS shall review this mandate periodically to assure continued effectiveness of the role of the Centre.


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