What is CBID?

University of Kelaniya (UoK) has been positioned as one of the leading knowledge hubs in the country in working its way through the vision – “Creation and dissemination of knowledge for sustainable development”. UoK’s presence in the Sri Lankan state education is unique for many reasons including its attributes related to cultural, professional, and multi-disciplinary nature in creating graduates who are capable of facing the dynamic challenges while productively contributing to the nation’s wealth creation. In this endeavor, the sub-systems within the UoK need to be strategically bonded with the stakeholders in creating a unique value proposition and hence, draw a sustainable roadmap in creating a strategic brand identity. The Centre for Brand Image Development (CBID) is established to achieve the aforementioned broad objectives and ultimately drive UoK in achieving its vision by embracing its brand identity.

Activities proposed by CBID

The Centre for Brand Image Development (CBID) undertakes the following tasks.
Strategic policy development related to stakeholder value creation and brand identity development
1. Facilitate internal stakeholders to build sustainable strategic relationships with key external stakeholders
2. Create a community to be ambassadors of UoK’s strategic brand identity and share best practices within the internal and external stakeholders
Project Proposal development, evaluation, and deployment
1. Provide consultation on the development of project proposals for strategic value creation targeting the intended stakeholders
2. Review the proposals submitted and deployment of the relevant funds (LKR 500,000 per annum per department for an approved project proposal)
3. Monitoring progress of the projects and maintaining the e-repository of the project portfolios
Establishment of funding sources
1. Facilitate external funding through national and corporate agencies
2. Build strategic relationships to strengthen the bonds among the university, government, and corporate triangle
3. Promote and facilitate internal stakeholders to implement financially sustainable projects to generate additional funding opportunities

CBID Funded Projects

Workshops to strengthen strategic brand identity of Dept of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry in the process of introducing new undergraduate degree program and two master of science degree programs. In order to ensure that the teaching programs and the curriculum meet the challenging needs of the industry, observations from industry should be involved to vet changes in curriculum as well as new academic programs. Proposal is organizing several workshop between Academic staff members of Department of chemistry and it main shareholders; Industries and Students.

International Research Conference on Smart Computing and Systems Engineering (SCSE)

Department of Industrial Management

The concepts of Smart Computing and Systems Engineering are still in the early stages of development. However, the interdisciplinary applications of the concepts are growing rapidly, and are attracting the attention of academics and researchers involved with a range of domains including information technology and industrial engineering.

Physical Education Techers’ Training Program(PETT)-2017

Department of Sports Science & Physical Education?

The Physical Education Teachers’ Training Programme (PETT) – 2017 organized by the Department of Sports Science & Physical Education in cooperation with sport and Recreation Management Students’ Association of the faculty of Social Sciences was successfully held on 14th & 15th of November 2017 at the Auditorium of the faculty of Social Sciences. 25 school teachers were participated for the workshop on above two days and they are specify in teaching Sports and Physical Education in schools.

Pathology Museum

Department of Pathology

To establish a positive perception towards the Department of Pathology among the undergraduates, postgraduates, school children, school teachers, other university students and general public by improving the standard of pathology museum.

HRM Professional Fiesta

Department of Human Resource Management

The Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya organizes the second “HRM Professional Fiesta’’–Management Internship Branding and Certificate Awarding Ceremony -2018 for final year students.

IDeA Night 2018

Department of Accountancy

Department of Accountancy (DoA) annually organizes the Internship in Department of Accountancy (IDeA) Night, the Annual Internship Awarding and Partner Felicitation Ceremony. The event provides a great opportunity for interns to network with professionals, and allows interns to showcase their areas of expertise.

IoT with MIT and Invention Convention

Department of Industrial Management

State-of the-art IoT series of workshops with schools children and launch of our very own undergraduates with Invention convention.

Stylish marketer 2017

Department of Marketing Management

Unfolding for the 8th consecutive year, Signature Stylish Marketer 2017, the one and only Inter-University evolutionary fashion extravaganza.

Two-Day Teacher Training Program for School Teachers who teach Hindi

Department of Hindi Studies

Series of workshops among the national schools teachers to train them to teach Hindi as a language.

Youth Conference on International Relations (YCIR)

Department of International Studies

Department of International Studies of University of Kelaniya succefully conducted YCIR in the month of July, 2018 with the patronage of CBID. The event made a mileage to department by extending its corporate relationships with external institutes and professionals within the scope of international relations. The public media exposure penetrated the image and strength of the department through this event whilst students got a tremendous opportunity to enhance professional soft skills.

Production of Feature Film

Drama & Theatre and Image Arts Unit, Department of Fine Arts

The Drama & Theatre and Image Arts Unit of University of Kelaniya made a proposal to produce Feature Film as a new project to enhance creative skills of students. The CBID decided to sponsor for this project considering its newness and potential brand image building opportunities via publicity. This project is expected to enhance the image of the unit and University through the film and related dialogues circulated amongst professionals and community.