Research and consultation center for coconut oil

This center is established in order to support the production of high quality coconut oil and to generate new knowledge about the nutritional quality of coconut oil and to cater for the research and development needs of the coconut oil and vegetable oil producers of the country.

Main Objectives
  1. To generate internationally acceptable results about the antioxidants properties of coconut oil and the influence of coconut oil on the intestinal absorption of antioxidants and other nutrients.
  2. To develop commercially important food stabilizers based on coconut poonac, which is a by-product of the production of coconut oil to stabilize solid foods and other vegetable oils.
  3. To carry out quality improvement research of coconut oil for the coconut oil producers.
  4. To do analytical research work related to coconut industries.
  5. To solve problems related to the processing of vegetable oils and palm oil.
  6. Educate general public about the new knowledge about coconut oil.
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